The Meme Studies Research Network is an international and interdisciplinary research network for scholars who study memes. It aims to bring people together and foster discussion about memes from various academic fields, methodological practices and theoretical standpoints. The main goal of the network is to collaboratively establish a meme studies canon, and offer researchers an index of resources that center memes as their main object of interest.

Meme Bulletin and Blog

“Two lessons from our recent study on memes and the far right”

Michael Vaughan, Jordan McSwiney, Annett Heft & Matthias Hoffmann The following blog post summarises findings from a recent paper published in Information, Communication & Society titled “Sharing the hate? Memes and transnationality in the far right’s digital visual culture” Memes figure prominently in research on the far right, and for good reason. Contemporary far-right actorsContinue reading ““Two lessons from our recent study on memes and the far right””

Memes and Identity

By Giulia Giorgi Twitter: @GiuliaGiorgi14 Among the different functions ascribed to memes, the impact on the creation and expression of collective identities is probably one of the most studied aspects of memetic culture. In this context, memes are mostly conceived as either a shared code between members of online communities or as a social practice underlying the mechanisms of cultural production. Specifically, scholars agree that memes contribute to shaping “theContinue reading “Memes and Identity”

Complicating gender through memes

by Hester Hockin-Boyers, Leslie Liu and Danielle Rudnicka-Lavoie Memes have multiple potential functions beyond entertainment, including the reinforcement of boundaries and stereotypes, the maintenance and subversion of hierarchies, and the creation of solidarity within groups (Drackett et al, 2018). In this respect, scholars have explored how memes can draw on and reify existing gendered dynamicsContinue reading “Complicating gender through memes”

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