The Meme Studies Research Network is an international and interdisciplinary research network for scholars who study memes. It aims to bring people together and foster discussion about memes from various academic fields, methodological practices and theoretical standpoints. The main goal of the network is to collaboratively establish a meme studies canon, and offer researchers an index of resources that center memes as their main object of interest.

Meme Bulletin and Blog

Seizing the Memes of Production: the hidden cost & control of making the Bernie Sanders meme

Dr Liam McLoughlin, Birkbeck – University of London Twitter: @Leelum Email: L.McLoughlin@bbk.ac.uk Once again, Bernie Sanders is asking you to make him into a meme. In the midst of one of the most famous transitions of power, surrounded by pomp and circumstance, famous guests, glamour, and vogue sat Bernie Sanders. While everyone else in attendanceContinue reading “Seizing the Memes of Production: the hidden cost & control of making the Bernie Sanders meme”

Meme Studies is canon

Meme Bulletin Issue 1 Meme Studies Research Network İdil Galip  Trying to define memes is a frustrating task.  Articles, books, reports about internet memes will often start with an obligatory reference to Richard Dawkins’s 1976 work The Selfish Gene. In these texts, you will see something along the lines of “a meme is a piece of cultureContinue reading “Meme Studies is canon”

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