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Collective: Clusterduck

Clusterduck is an interdisciplinary collective working in the fields of new media studies, design and transmedia, investigating processes and actors behind the creation of Internet-based content. It curated the online exhibition #MEMEPROPAGANDA, hosted by Greencube Gallery, which was presented at The Influencers Festival (Barcelona), Tentacular Festival (Madrid), IFFR (Rotterdam), Urgent Publishing (Amsterdam, Arnheim), Radical Networks (Berlin) and others. Clusterduck is currently developing Meme Manifesto, a transmedia project that collectively explores the occult meanings and communicative potentials of memetic symbology. The first stage of the project has been developed at IMPAKT (NL) during this year’s EMAP/EMARE residency programme and presented at ARS ELECTRONICA 2020. Clusterduck also created the participative exhibition #MEMERSFORFUTURE, investigating the role of memetics in the global climate justice movement. The exhibition has been shown at re:publica 2020 and IMPAKT FESTIVAL 2020.


MEME MANIFESTO is a transmedia project about Internet Memes that explores the occult meanings and communicative potentials of memetic symbology. MEME MANIFESTO is investigating different aspects of meme culture through various media: an art book, an interactive website, a physical installation and a participative workshop. MEME MANIFESTO is a collective and participatory work conducted by Clusterduck.


Project presentation (VIDEO):




Lab: B*rd Meme Lab

The B*rd Memetics Laboratory is a site for interdisciplinary research on digital memes and online media. The lab provides a space for examining online culture through the lenses of the experimental humanities, film studies, cognitive science, and  the visual arts. It is our intention that by examining the underlying superstructure of memetic content – not just the content of the meme but its very form – the Lab can engage with large scale trends happening across the cultural landscape. Through this, we are producing original, inventive research and programming.

CONTENT: A Memetics Research Journal

As part of the B*rd Meme Lab’s inquiries into digital culture, we are seeking inventive submissions to our new journal, CONTENT. We are looking for work that disassembles the form of the meme itself, examining not only specific instances but focusing on long term trends in how we consume and disseminate ourselves online. What makes meme formats so durable (or not)? When does something become “cringe”? How have our habits of media intake changed? Research papers, interviews, essays, OC, and more unconventional forms are all accepted. Please email any submissions or questions to

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